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Ice Threatens Cruises Moving from Antarctica to the direction of New Zealand

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 | 03:11 pm

Sydney, Monday - giant ice hundreds of moving from Antarctica toward the islands in New Zealand. Large chunks of ice like the stadium that the New Zealand Government feared to threaten shipping.

The results showed a satellite photograph, a large chunk of ice had just passed the area of the island to Auckland and the main island of South Island, about 450 kilometers northeast direction. "Warning applies to all ships in the area to be alert to the presence of ice," Marine spokesman said New Zealand, Ross Henderson, AFP reported on Monday (23/11).

The presence of ice in a large group that submitted a glacier expert from the Australian Antarctic Division. They continue to monitor the movement of blocks of ice.

According to them, chunks of ice that is part of a giant lump in October last seen around Macquarie Island, Australia. At that time, two large chunks of the first-two kilometers wide and the second for an Olympic stadium "bird's nest 'Beijing-tracked there.

Meanwhile, the observed to New Zealand last Monday was fragmented in various sizes. Some of them have 200 meters wide.

"Everything comes from one big chunk, which may be the extent of 30 square kilometers in the Antarctic there," said one expert glaciers, Neal Young. Increasing global temperatures and sea level due to global warming has been blamed as the cause.

After three years of

According to Neal Young, chunks of ice in large numbers last seen floating near New Zealand in the year 2006. At that time, only 25 kilometers away from the coastline, the first event after the year 1931.

For the purpose of publication, in 2006, a sheep is shorn wool helicopter transported on ice was floating. New Zealand is known as the center of the wool industry.

"It looks now has the same movement path towards New Zealand. Did towards South Island, it is difficult to say, "he said.

However, he believes will more often see the same thing if global temperatures continue to rise. Some experts are not sure of this.

Reduced width of the Antarctic ice at the South Pole has been identified in recent years. However, reduced ice east Antarctic region in large numbers, during the last three years, considered the experts as "a surprise".

Unlike ice sheet in western Antarctica, which is known vulnerable and unstable, a layer of ice in eastern Antarctica was known to be stable. However, some experts do not believe the phenomenon is closely related to climate change.

Predicted losses

In the middle of the pros and cons in the polar ice melt as the impact of global warming, the WWF launched a study in Switzerland, last Monday. Floods are expected to hit the big cities of the world's major ports and causing damage to 28 trillion U.S. dollars in 2050.

Sea-level rise will reach half a meter if global temperatures rise 0.5 to 2 degrees Celsius in the current period until 2050. It was then that the loss of trillions of dollars generated from the 136 large port city in the world. (AFP / BBC / GSA)

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