Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wind fuel cars

latest discoveries in the world, a car with wind fuels are environmentally friendly which is different from other fuels, wind fuels does not cause air pollution.
a hybrid technology that claims to claim more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly, but hybrid technology is not really friendly to the earth. hybrid engines enable the machine konfensional reply using fossil fuels which are supported by a battery, but for wind-powered car developed by a company in New York, United States, this really does not produce emissions. awesome right?

yg car in motion by using air pollution in mampatkan, developed by ex-Formula One engineer who now works at the European MDI Corporation, the car was ready to wind it into the stage of doing a series of agreements prototipe.Setelah who allegedly conducted with Tata Motors and a number of Japanese automakers, MDI has just licensed the newer technologies to Zero Pollution Motors, based in New York. American automotive companies that will produce cars with a capacity of wind power six seats, the car will be launched in 2010. According to Technoride, Zero Pollution cars will develop wind power is capable encouraged to peak velocity of 150 km / hour with coverage of about 800 miles.

The designers gave the car a five-seat capacity this, OneCAT. Car body is built from fiber glass. Hence this car has only 350 kg empty west. Design costs were relatively low awakening, no more than 2,500 pounds.

What distinguishes the more environmentally friendly car (hybrid) is not driven this car electricity or battery. But compressed air. This pressurized air from the compressor engines which are stored in a tank of carbon fiber. The tank is designed together with the chassis.
To fill the air tank that is only needed watu no less than three minutes. More rapidly than filling a car battery even through a single quick charge. Full volume of air tank capable of running the vehicle up to four hours.

For a long journey, the car was equipped with a fuel booster burner which will burn or blow up the air. This explosion will push the pistons pressurized water that moves the pistons. Fuel burner able to work well for all types of fuel oil.
"When driving in the city, cars are driven enough pressurized air. New fuel burners used if out of town or need a high speed, " 'said Gyu Negre, the inventor of the French nationals.
Negre sure this car will be many takers. Given the more environmentally friendly. Vigorous conditions required now in continental Europe. "The buyers of this car are the ones who really care about the environment, 'he said.
easy to save fuel. This offer is attractive at the time urged the government in the middle of the fuel-efficient supply scarcity premium and world crude oil prices high.

Xtreme Fuel devices which electronically helps to change the fuel becomes more active. Accelerated motion of molecules, increasing fuel energy. Become more perfect combustion, the engine was hot, and the tail is the efficiency of fuel-efficient alias. This tool was tested and seemed to pull a lighter engine, acceleration lightly. Logical, fuel-efficient too.

Other devices, Super FuelMax, a magnet mounted on the fuel lines before going into the engine fuel. A colleague was using this tool and he admitted there was a change in the engine intake. Using Neodymium Magnet, Super FuelMax able to solve and ionize the hydrocarbon chain molecules of gasoline. The result, a complete fuel combustion and fuel-efficient end.
Magic can also be found on the Jet is more regulation of air quality needed for fuel combustion in the engine. The efficiency comes from burning perfect. PT Astra Otoparts in the near future also will launch a Bardhal Octane Booster improve low octane levels in fuel in this country. Sophisticated technology cars require higher octane. Also to be launched Specta Fuel Catalyst can also improve the quality of the existing fuel.

Drivers must know about and the weight of the vehicle, including cargo. For example, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) as the Opel Blazer with 2 tons of weight even 2.2 liter engine (2198 cc) not to be racing with a Honda Jazz with a 1.5-liter engine (1497 cc) and weighs less than half of Opel. 2.2 liter engine for long trips, engulfed steep and muddy road, not for racing.

Related to the weight of fuel-efficient cars, the BMW Group of Germany more and more cars trying to suppress the output weights by using lighter materials. â? Making cars lighter 100 pounds means saving half a liter of fuel for 100 kilometers distance, â? Helena Abidin said of PT BMW Indonesia.

Not to mention the aspects of aerodynamics. More clearly sedan than an SUV and drove multipurpose vehicle (MPV). A more flattened shape makes the wind from the front of friction is smaller than the SUV or MPV, let alone a bus or truck. Fuel consumption was lower. So, not just when an SUV with sedan racing invited.

A modified car is different in fuel consumption compared with the standard car factory. Wide tires increased the wind resistance and engine work. But the standard tire pressure also resulted in less fuel consumption. Not to mention the various accessories in addition to outside or inside the car, which besides increasing weight of the vehicle, also add friction wind from the front when driving.

Drivers also should know the engine power. For example, about the maximum power and maximum torque. Maximum torque at low engine rotation (rpm) obviously makes these vehicles do not need a big engine power during initial sliding. Even more efficient fuel because the gas pedal did not have to step on the inside. Long pull at the beginning or custom gas pedal repeatedly clear waste.

Maximum engine power at all rpm also showed that the vehicle could no longer racing. Such as maximum power at 4,000 rpm, the vehicle can not be forced back on this rpm. There will be no additional personnel unless fuel is wasted.

All this chatter on the assumption of a car engine in tiptop condition. Spark plugs, ignition systems other good lubricant, and other equipment steady. Do not talk thrifty fuel consumption if the condition rickety machines. Smoke was visible from the end of the exhaust, while premium-engined car. If it is not only fuel efficient, but also damage the environment. Thus, fuel-efficient business is actually a small problem. How each driver knows himself, including familiar with the conditions of the vehicle intact. It's time sorry about the condition of fuel in this country

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Squatting toilet for Better Health

Bladder dysfunction may actually be reduced in various ways. One of them by reducing the consumption of beverages containing caffeine, alcohol, and drugs.

"Caffeine is a substance that can boost heart rate and increased urine production," said Mulyadi Tedjapranata, Medizone Clinic physicians in Apartment Taman Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

According to Mulyadi, urinary disorders prevention efforts could be true as early as possible. Some ways you can do is get used to not resist the urge to urinate. For the kids, doing exercises urinating or even toileting assistance was to be done since the children aged below five years old or a toddler.

Another effective way is to avoid the use of the toilet seat. The use of the toilet seat in the long run will increase the risk of urinary tract infection that can lead to urinary problems. Because the surface of the toilet is generally to mediate the spread of germs. The use of squat toilets are even more better.

The reason is, this will make users not in direct contact with the surface so that more hygienic toilets. "Moreover, if you frequently use public toilet facilities, better squat toilets," he said.

Not only that, the use of the toilet seat also makes muscles of the urinary tract to work harder when twitched or remove the urine. In the mild stage, urinary tract infections are usually marked with Anyang-anyangan or discharge of urine which was completely, lower abdominal pain, and pain at the end of urination.

This condition would interfere with our activities. In fact, if allowed to go on, it can cause urinary tract infections, psychosocial disorders such as depression and sleep disorders.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

World's largest diamond mine

This diamond mine in eastern Siberia (Mirny, to be exact) is so deep that the surrounding "air zone... is closed for helicopters" after "a few accidents when they were 'sucked in' by downward air flow..."

Finally, look for the tiny red arrow in the following photograph; it's pointing to a 220-ton rock-hauling truck more than 20' tall.

Meanwhile, something altogether different and Jules Vernian is about to occur thanks to some Japanese scientists hoping to drill down into the earth's mantle: "Using a giant drill ship launched [in July 2005], the researchers aim to be the first to punch a hole through the rocky crust that covers our planet and to reach the mantle below."
And then, in an oddly Borgesian, or perhaps MC Escherian, moment of nomenclatural mise-en-abîme, "The 57,500-tonne drill ship Chikyu (Japanese for Earth) is being prepared in the southern port of Nagasaki. Two-thirds the length of the Titanic, it is fitted with technology borrowed from the oil industry that will allow it to bore through 7,000 metres of crust below the seabed while floating in 2,500 metres of water – requiring a drill pipe 25 times the height of the Empire State building."
For some sense of perspective here, the diamond mine, pictured above, is 1200 meters deep; that means that to reach the mantle, the Japanese will have to produce a drill-hole nearly seven times deeper than the mine (which sounds alarmingly easy, actually – I was expecting to be horrified).
In any case, the drill-ship is called *Earth* and it's being drilled down into the earth... The attack of the simulacra begins.

[Note: This post originally stated that the mine was in South Africa – but I've corrected myself thanks to the comment, below. And apologize. It is, in fact, in Russia, as this BBC slideshow – which I actually looked at a few days ago without noticing (uh...) – makes clear. This BBC link also inverts the figures I had, so who knows: I had 1200m deep and 500m wide (which I suppose is a bit unlikely); the Beeb says the opposite. If that is the case, however, then that Japanese bore-hole into the earth's mantle will actually be at least *fourteen times* deeper than the Mirny mine...]