Thursday, December 3, 2009


(Taken from the book "Piano on the Beach" by Jim Morgan)

Several years ago an important scientific research carried out through a documentary film. Dr. displayed there. Eden Ryl a behavior specialist psychologist. In the experiment, a great northern fish (salmon kind of bias grows 1.4 meters and weigh 21 kg) is inserted into the large aquarium. He fed the fish a minnow, a type of fish are small rivers 6-10 cm. For several days, the camera used to record both types of fish aktivias this.
Some time later, the researchers change the conditions laid degan aquarium glass partition between the big fish with small fish each time a big fish trying to prey on small fish, each time he hit the glass. Failures he experienced in obtaining prey, and felt sick at all due tubh banging on the glass. Itupun big fish out of business. Having predicted a big fish is very hungry, these researchers raised the barrier of glass insulation. The fish can swim freely kecilpun so big fish were hungry.
What Happened?
Tenyata big fish that did not try to chase small fish, instead he was surrounded by swimming prey. Actually he was very hungry, but he was desperate. Having failed to get his prey and cuts on his body, finally the big fish die in a state of hunger in the aquarium which was filled with his own food!
Food Itupun failed acquisition. The fish was CONVINCED that the food was not out of reach!

What lesson:
Many people who fail while in the potential for success. Teru mmikirkan their efforts and suffering that made and continue to stare at the past failures. The shame and pain due to failures to achieve targets, rejection, disappointment, rejection and other things that discourage juangnya. Formed over time in their opinion that the success and meaningful life will NEVER CAN GET THEM. And the desperate fighting when success was in sight.

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